Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What should I write

Hey guys I need ideas for short stories to post or Maybe you want me to write something else besides stories leave a comment down below for your suggestions on what to post

Type you later

Friday, January 9, 2015

Chapter 2

Here is Chapter 2

Chapter 2                                                            


It all started at my dad's funeral it was the "afterparty" then I hear "Hello?” I think I’m going crazy with grief but just in case “ I scream in my head “who the hell is this?! Get out of my head!” I panic and I think... I think I have to clear my head I’ll go to the port my favorite place “when I grow up” I used to think “I want to buy a boat” I just always feel so at peace there I tell my mom I’m going out she tries to object but I leave anyway I stare at the boat that has been there for a month and i see the blackish blondish with a tint of silver hair boy with beautiful blue eyes “hi” he shouts “hey” I yell back “wanna see my ship”, he yells in a little kid voice “cut the voice and sure” he yells “come aboard me hearties” “never mind I like the other voice”, he laughs if you're wondering why we act so friendly we’ve been talking for awhile this isn't the first time i’ve been aboard his boat before strangely he is my best friend cause everyone thinks i’m weird sebatian is the same way,we talk awhile then he tells me about is back,mind ordeal the he does the weirdest thing “it’s you” then I realized what he was talking about “you”.

any way type you later
From Cole

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Book

Hey guys I know I haven't posted in a while and I'm still alive for your info still write story anyway here is a book I'm writing any way enjoy
The Mystery Of Power
By Cole Michael Lambert
I woke up, my head woozy, “ugh” I groan. “What did I  do last night?” It was then I realized, “man, it’s Monday, school today”. After about 10 minutes I get up and get ready for another lethal day of high school. I get on the bus, look out the window then… “BAM!  That’s all I remember, it all starts coming back to me. The window, the car, I sit up.  Pain explodes through my body. “hnnnnnnggggg” I look at the back of my hand and begin to cry. I must have broken my neck, my back, my arms and legs. I’m a freak an exo-skeleton freak.Then as if all of this wasn’t enough, I feel something or someone in my head.  I’m going crazy. I can’t resist the urge... “hello?” then I hear a response “ who the hell is this?! Get out of my head!”  I stop talking, I strangely now have a pinpoint in my head I make a mental note to visit sometime it’s all coming so fast that I have trouble rendering it all … I look at how long I’ve been in here. a week “oh god I have a lot of homework” . There’s a knock on the door, it must be my mom.  “come in” she walks in and immediately starts hitting me with a load of questions “are you okay?” “should we sue that bus driver!” “do you KNOW how much homework you have?” “no, no, yes” “Well, then how much?”,“a lot!” she leaves, the nurse comes in. and I ask her “when do I get to go home?” “tomorrow” is her response. This feels like only the beginning.

Any way hoped you enjoyed hope you don't get the flu

-from Cole


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Part 2 of the Crazy Psycho Princpal

To be continued... Now back to the story the. The principal swung by his legs on handle bars, ran down slides, belly flopped on the Roley Polly, and hit the swing back and forth back and forth. The kids just stared in complete silence struck silly then they ran inside and saw the most horrifying sight known to man the teachers parting it was weird teachers eating chips and dip the men swing there shirts around and the dudes and girls flirting it was CREEPY so they ran back to there houses
SHRIEKING and hiding in there houses there parents why they were acting like babies there answerer was go to the school they went there then they were white when they got home here's a parents point of view that I interviewed.'' Hi I'm Dave.'' ''Sir we just want to know what happened we don't need to know your life story.'' ''Ok sorry so any way I got to the school and saw a bunch of teachers parting so we ran to the playground then we saw the principal go berserk so they went in hiding then the principal chased us all around the school and the teachers just watched and laughed like it was a movie so we fled the school.'' ''Thank you sir''
To be continued...
hope you guys liked that story but watch your sleep
love COLE!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Three Part Series of the Crasiest Story Ever Part 1

Hey viewers I know I have not written in my blog for awhile but this will be one of the best story's ever it is called The Crazy Psycho Principal [ principals please take no offense] here it goes. Once upon a really really fake time ago. There was a principal who was very evil who used learning for evil. Once he made a new holiday for every day called no recess forever. One day the principal was SO tired of doing evil that he said'' oh my gosh i do so much for these kids i even make them have no lunch i love my job but I'm SO tired.'' So then something finally snapped in  his head then it got crazy. He ran out to the lunch room it was his least favorite day everyone eat lunch day he was so crazy that he screamed arrrrrrglart then he threw his tie at a girl who was eating a burger then she said ''Ugg you got your tie all over my burger.'' Then he threw his shirt at the girls teacher then she said '' Omg you just got your shirt all over my teacher!! GET HIM!!!!!!'' So they all ran after him until he reached the play ground. To be continued...
Hope you guys enjoyed that blog post more coming soon
love Cole who is boss